Sunday 13th November - 10.45am – Deacon Jennifer Heath
Sunday 20th November –10.45am – Rev Bob Davies
Sunday 27th November - 10.45am – Rev Stephen Heath
Sunday 4th December – 10.45am –

Dukinfield Methodist Church is a friendly, active church. We encourage all to join our church family to worship God and share in the fellowship and love of fellow Christians.
We would love to meet you and welcome you into our church community, you can contact us by phone or email, or why not come along and meet use for Sunday worship at 10.45 am or join our coffee morning on Wednesday 9.45 am to 11.15am.

Mission Statement
Our church family encourages everyone:
to come to worship God
to share together in fellowship and love
to grow as Christians
to share the good news and care for others

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A Message from our Minister

Dear Friends,

I did something on Saturday that I hadn’t done for a long time – I went to a football match. I used to do it regularly, making the 120 mile round trip from the North East to watch Sheffield United every home match – until their fortunes declined. I did it in reverse last weekend and went to watch our grandson Felix playing for Alnwick Town Juniors against Eyemouth. All the family were there, in fact, as we’d actually gone for our other grandson’s birthday. Felix played really well and crowned it all with a cracking goal late in the game which raised the biggest cheer of the match as we were all out in force.

That cheer would pale into insignificance though to what you would hear at the ground of a premiership team and the chant of “we’ll support you evermore” would no doubt be heard. If you were watching a mediocre team like mine you may well hear a few jeers and catcalls from disgruntled spectators. If it was a team from the bottom of the league, enduring yet another heavy thrashing you probably wouldn’t hear much at all, because most of the fans would have deserted the club and stayed at home. It’s a sad fact that true commitment is hard to find – most of us being fair weather supporters.

Sadly that’s often the case when it comes to our commitment to God – a truth reflected in 1 Kings 8, 61: “Your hearts must be fully committed to the Lord our God, to live by his decrees and obey his commands, as at this time”. Solomon was speaking these words at a time of celebration, the people of Israel having excitedly gathered to dedicate their new temple; spirits were high and the enthusiasm of the crowd contagious. It was easy at such a time to make bold declarations of faith and sweeping promises of loyalty, but Solomon knew how easily those could be forgotten once people turned to the routine business of life.
The danger is just as real today. Sometimes we’re bubbling over with enthusiasm, full of everything God’s done for us, only to opt out when it doesn’t quite work out as expected. It’s easy to start out on a journey faith and walk it when the going’s good, but are we so keen to follow when it proves costly or demanding?

We need to keep walking as closely with God as he wishes to walk with us, which is very close, and let his Holy Spirit be our continuing guide and inspiration.

Every Blessing,


Coffee Morning
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