Sunday 7th August - 10.45am – Rev Stephen Heath
Sunday 14th August –10.45am – Brian Broadbent
Sunday 21st August - 10.45am – Rachel Collins
Sunday 28th August – 10.45am – Own arrangement

Dukinfield Methodist Church is a friendly, active church. We encourage all to join our church family to worship God and share in the fellowship and love of fellow Christians.
We would love to meet you and welcome you into our church community, you can contact us by phone or email, or why not come along and meet use for Sunday worship at 10.45 am or join our coffee morning on Wednesday 9.45 am to 11.15am.

Mission Statement
Our church family encourages everyone:
to come to worship God
to share together in fellowship and love
to grow as Christians
to share the good news and care for others

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A Message from our Minister

Dear Friends,
Here we are in the middle of summer and, despite the last week or so being pleasantly warm, we still have the feeling that it’s been a rather disappointing one. We had a week in June on the North Yorkshire coast and didn’t see the sun from the day we travelled there until the day we came back! It’s hard to believe that a few years back we were experiencing periods of drought and warnings that our ponds, rivers and springs may dry up, perhaps for ever. We looked out at our parched gardens and actually longed for it to rain.

Such episodes in this usually sodden country of ours are rare, but in Israel, as
elsewhere in the Middle East, they are all too common, and water is a precious and treasured resource. For those in such places its scarcity is not just an inconvenience but also a threat to life itself, and hence every spring, oasis or well
is accorded almost sacred status.

This is the context in which Jesus promised a stream of living water to anyone who is thirsty. We hear this promise on one occasion recorded in John’s Gospel, chapter 7, when Jesus made the pronouncement at the Feast of Tabernacles – a
day on which the Jews remembered God’s provision of water from a rock during Israel’s time in the wilderness. The highlight of events on that day was a ceremonial pouring out of water as a symbol of that time when God had turned despair to hope, doubt to faith, and almost certain death to a celebration of life.

What Jesus was promising was all this and more besides: a quality of life beyond anything they had dreamed possible; an inner fulfilment and peace, coupled with a new sense of purpose that would offer life a new dimension in every sense. It’s a promise that holds true as much today as ever – in a world thirsty for meaning, Jesus still invites people to come and never thirst again. So let’s remember that and think on it when summer rain spoils our holidays, or simply waters our gardens, again

Every Blessing,


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